Wijaya Nandasiri, you really was amazing..

The lack of twitter feeds and white flags brought me here.
If it was Piumi Hansamali, or any other chick from the Teles for that matter..phew!


You could only tolerate the number on wannabe artists in the country so much, you entirely forget that there were people like Wijaya Nandasiri, who could still crack you up with one look. He was in an entirely different place in our hearts. A genuine comedian. Maybe, we don’t take them seriously.

Those of us who used to be glued to the Teles during our younger days, would still remember him fondly, for we talked about him all the time. Nobody else could make us laugh without it being a sex joke, or a double entente, but he managed it so much well.

He too had a family of his own and I’m sure it wasn’t glued together because he could make them laugh, all the time. A love like theirs, comes very rarely in this lifetime. Take a look at this video. Lots to learn from them.

This is to say farewell to you, sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the laughs and the good values you have left behind. We shall moan your death and remember you forever in our hearts.

May you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

This is Farewell, My Dearest Friend!

You were a big brother to me..A friend..A mentor.

I can’t believe what I heard just awhile ago. Sleep evades me tonight after the shocking news of your sudden demise.

The strength and power of your own physique could not help you today when you needed it the most, even though you so generously helped guide me from the depths of insanity when I had nothing to grab on to, not so long ago.

I can’t fathom the void you have left behind for those who look up to you.

A giant in nature, you possessed a heart truly fit for your own physique. I will miss you Sajith Aiya so dearly, for you’re like no other.

R.I.P Sajith Mallikarachchi. May you attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana!


May your journey in Sansara be free of untimely deaths, dear brother!

Those Days (Part II)

This post somewhat relates to an article written last year. Hence the sequel.

So much has changed over the first quarter of 2016, both personally and in a global sense. Do we change ourselves according to prevailing times, or do  we remain rock solid? This is a question which has troubled me ever since hitting puberty. Talking of puberty, it was decades ago. Phew! Growing old doesn’t seem fun anymore.

National festivals with the added benefit of consequent holidays means that I get to visit my hometown, granted that I get some additional leave from office. සුභ අළුත් අවුරුද්දක් වේවා/A Happy Sinhala and Hindu New Year, to all you readers out there first of all.

So once again I got to visit some of my oldest friends I’ve made since school days, who doesn’t move out of my hometown ever. Inseparable once upon a time, now we have nothing in common except for being born and bred in the same town. Nobody touches the topics of Politics, Family, Jobs or anything which concerns current times. It’s all about the mischief that we got it into at school. Thinking about those days, what rascals we were to have done some of the things I can’t mention here. Nevertheless, there always is a special bunch of kids who are loved and cared for by the teachers, no matter how much trouble they get into it. Some of us fell into that category.

It is an understatement if I say that I love my school. I absolutely adore and treasure my school, friends and teachers to the very core of my soul. Whoever I am today, I owe it to them wholeheartedly. So it goes without saying that I’d jump at a chance to travel back in time, just to see myself and my pals going at it again.

Those teachers who played a big role in the making of us are no longer teaching at school. Just reminds me how old we are, and how old they might be right now. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw some pictures of them from one of the events held by the Past Teachers’ Association’s at school recently. Though we hardly saw eye to eye on matters, they all seem to have focused on the bigger picture, which didn’t dawn on us at the time. Seeing them grown all old and weary is just a sad sight, and does take so much of effort to keep a straight face.

Just wanted to say that I love you, my oldest mates and teachers.



Divorce me darling!

I’m pretty sure that some of you might have come across this incident of two local kids being kidnapped during the past couple of days across borders

Such disturbing news which wouldn’t fail to go unnoticed by most of you. Maybe you decided to take matters into your own hand and share the news among your friends and colleagues, or even call some of your friends who has ties to local authorities even. Well, good for you on being a good Samaritan.

For most of you, the story was a woman in distress, searching frantically for her missing children.
For me, I just watched in shock as to the stuff she came up with to blame her husband.

First of all, I’ve been privy to this family’s innermost secrets through a period of time, indirectly. Simply put, they do not know of my existence. I took quite an interesting towards them, for I studied them from a distance on how they battled their issues and showed a straight face to the outside world. Especially this woman! It’s quite the story, believe me you, and I can’t share the details for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is that this woman is not the person who she pretends to be. This pretty face(may I add, VERY), at a certain juncture in her life (not long ago), didn’t even care to be with her children because of a third party. The husband, her family, the closest circle, they all knew and saw proof to her behaviour, and it was recorded on video and witnessed by foreign authorities as well.

In a turn on events, now she blames the husband for drugging the children and kidnapping them by announcing it via social media. For someone like me who knew their story, this seemed way over the line and ridiculous! I didn’t have no other way to express and relieve of my bottled up frustration so here goes everything.

A woman, especially a pretty one, and to add to that the title, a mom, could make people believe some total bullshit story, and us fools would just fall for such fib.

I hope you rot in hell for the pain you’ve caused to your kids and husband.

A concerned third party who’s not fooled by your mockery.


13.04.2016, 16oohrs Update 1

This post was edited (photo removed) as per a complaint received by the accused. (or whoever pretended to be her.) If you want this post gone, I need an official of Singapore Police Department to contact me via e-mail on the address which I’ve communicated to you.

13.04.2016, 1618hrs Update 2

I have communicated my views via an e-mail to the person who has made the complaint.


13.04.2016, 1645hrs Update 3

This is my personal reply to you. The e-mail shown above is too official for my liking.

I would like to turn to Shariah Law for this matter, which by the way I have totally condemned on a few of my earlier posts, and still do. You’re the only exception! I believe it’s STONING which fits your profile perfectly. ‘nuf said.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 68th Independence Day to all of you Sri Lankans, living here and abroad !!

3d rendered and waving flag of sri lanka

The morning festivities which ended a few minutes ago (before 11.30am local time), was in fact very simple and humble, to summarize a long chapter. There was absolutely no drag, and for the second consecutive time I saw people turn up on time, which is a good thing, really. (CBK, too)

Sri Lanka, the only Sinhalese speaking country on planet Earth, so far has had only one National Anthem. At least that’s what I thought until today. They ended the ceremony with the National Anthem being sung in Tamil. My landlord who’s also a Tamil went, ‘Oh, I remember this..We used to sing this in school during the sixties‘. I couldn’t believe my ears, and his wife too came running mumbling some of the words being sung. So what was all the hype about the National Anthem being changed and ridiculed?

I honestly felt proud for the first time, since I too was against this concept, all along. I just absolutely loved the fact that we were big enough to allow it being sung at our National Anthem. Most Tamil schools in the island have used the Tamil version of the National Anthem it seems, for obvious reasons. We just didn’t know about this.

I’m sure that some people would see this as a praise to the dog Prabhakaran, but it really isn’t. Nothing changes except for the fact that it brings us people closer to each other even more. All praise to those who’re working hard towards uniting Sri Lankans together, The good men and women of the three forces, and those of you who can dig the concept of co-existence! Lets work towards ever lasting peace, and educating the narrow-minded fools whom we call friends!

One Nation. One Country. All united together. We are Sri Lanka!

PS: This goes for the patriots who couldn’t stand hearing it in Tamil. Did you at least sing it in Sinhalese this morning? Idiots!

සීපා එපා! SAY NO TO CEPA!

In most of my earlier posts, I’ve pointed out how Indians have benefited from our small country. Whether it is banning Sri Lankan exports to India, or just handing over the Cricket World Cup, our higher ups have always said YES while we blew up our lungs.

From ILFTA (Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement), sprang CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement), mostly due to the entry barriers which we were facing at the time. This was not only another gimmick of the Indians just like ILFTA, but also a better/profitable way of sending off their labour force to work in Sri Lanka. Not only does it allow Indian workers to enter Sri Lanka and setup their own workplace, but also allows their families to settle down here.

Obviously, Sri Lanka is more civilized culture wise, and on a better position when it comes to overall Economics. Indians on the other hand have given rise to 17.5% of the entire world’s population. Imagine Indians coming to settle down in Sri Lanka where our population is around 20 Million. This is just chaotic and very unsettling for us Sri Lankans, as we know the nature of these buggers.

Eventually, Sri Lanka will not be just the neighbouring country, but the piece of land which drifted off their southern coast which they happened to claim again with the help of CEPA. The Sinhalese are going to become extinct for sure.


We drifted off from India for a certain reason. I think the one above us saw what was about to happen, and cut down some of the roots underneath our surface, so that we could happily sail away further south. And now, they are talking about bridging our two shores.

This has got to stop! Do not let our country become Srindu, India’s favourite Southern Province.

I think I’ve given enough facts to digest the gravity of CEPA. Lets stand against it, for the sake of all unborn Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher children of Mother Lanka!

SAY NO TO INDIA! SAY NO TO CEPA! Time to rise up, you pathetic Sinha Le! lot.

You can read more about CEPA on CEPA-EPA by Mawbima Lanka Foundation.



සිංහ-ලේ! Sinha-Le! (Lions’ Blood)

So a couple of weeks ago, I thought that this had something to do with our Cricket Team. Now that I mentioned SLC, someone please donate them a pint of the above, for it is them who need it most dearly. Anyhoo to see, our long lost friend Gnanasara from Bodu Bala Sena, who calls MR and Gota their patrons, and also buffoons like Booruwansha, Gommanpila, Wasudeva and Dinesh have given rise to this racist activists group called, Sinha-Le!Sinha-LENow, who in their right minds would follow these jokers? Turns out that there are a few hundred actually, who’d like to play dirty.

Muslims and Tamils are part of this country.
The re-production rate of Muslims are pretty high.
The majority of the population are Buddhists.
Yet they seem to bother the least about producing offspring.
Sri Lankans are happy to be free of the LTTE Tigers. We all are!
Most of all, the entire nation voted twice against MR. Live with it!

We can not address the national issue of this rapid spread of Muslims in the country, with violence. They’re taught to do just that, from the mosque and as it turns out, religion can be used to turn a man inside-out.  Therefore, Provoking them with the sorts of BBS would only encourage them into embracing Sharia Law and other extreme measures as in the case of Hamas, Al-Qaeda and ISIL groups.

What my hot blooded Sinhalese Buddhist brothers should do
Study hard from a young age and develop your common sense.
Become superior scholars (distinguished and humanitarian)
Be fair in all aspects of life. (come to terms with Karma)
Earn well so that you could support a big family.
Most importantly, hump away like there’s no tomorrow. (just your significant other) 🙂

I’m sure that there are sleeper cells being harvested by these extremist Muslims in Sri Lanka due to its potential. It is a threat to the future of this peaceful nation and the only Sinhala speaking country in the world. Do not however, act upon an agenda of a bunch of clowns. Learn from the past and follow those who have set good examples. Don’t fall for loudmouths and entertainers. They’re intended for circuses.

Lions are a lazy bunch of animals and they hardly ever prey for food. I’d rather be an elephant. It doesn’t even touch animal or human flesh for that matter, but is in fact one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. So don’t fall into this trap of stirring up racism and giving rise to another civil war in the country. Be an Elephant. Stand your ground. If someone invades your personal space, then sure as hell go stomp on him.

Good Governance is better! Their economic reforms have gone haywire, but the intentions are good. Trial and Error may seem like too much right now, but in the long run we shall be looking at a more stable, prosperous and a peaceful Sri Lanka.

To all the people who have changed their profile pics to either Black Flags or Sinha-Le! Suck it up, you bitches! It’s our turn now!

Podda, you nailed it this time! Awesome rap.

You always speak the truth Manakkalpitha!